Good grief, Call of Duty has a steep near-insurmountable hill to climb, if it hopes to hold firm to its heavily contested FPS crown. It’s up against the likes of tablet-friendly Battlefield 4 and Titanfall–a title developed by a team partially made-up of old Call of Duty devs. Both of these triple-A monstrosities are vastly different from each other and CoD. Still, even if unintentional, these games are destined to compete for holiday dollars.

This year, like a score before it, brings a new CoD game. Call of Duty: Ghost has been poo-poo’ed by some as “another CoD,” a cookie-cutter imitation of all the other call of duties before it, albeit with a few new bells and bullets. But Black Ops 2 managed to find an audience. Could CoD Ghosts.

I’m no small fan to gadgets. As you may have guessed we love them here at Gadget Review. So I’m always interested in the new toys and virtual tech Treyarch or Infinity Ward can put forth. But this time one the cooler additions is not a ballistic wonder. It’s a movement mechanic. CoD Ghost introduces sliding, which should only further play up the twitch, recoil-less, 1-man army, run and gun gameplay that has made it to beloved. Check out these two multiplayer video for a look this and armory-load more.

Shawn Sanders

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