You Better Pre-Load Total War: Rome II Because Its 35GB

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6 Comments to You Better Pre-Load Total War: Rome II Because Its 35GB

  1. A developer has already been quoted as saying that that 35gb number includes future DLCs and expansions that are not available yet. The game as is will only require about 18 gigs.

  2. Hexcaliber

    Damn accidentally hit post, and can’t edit, nm. I was only going to add given steams recommendation of 35 gig expect the game to come in around 25 gig (give or take) once installation is finished.

  3. Hexcaliber

    The pre-load is only about 10gig, Steam only needs 35 gig free when it deflates the archives and reassembles the game files during install. Once installed the final game size will be smaller as Steam will delete all the temp files and the preload archives

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