New made up words not found in any traditional lexicon give many writers editorial jock itch. A lot of us are traditionalists unable to confirm or bend away from our concrete linguistic teachings. After all, “i” comes before “e” except after “c” or when the word is just “weird”. Ha! See what I did there? Even my literary “spider sense” tingles with a fever pitch every time EA DICE callously yet exquisitely talks about their new and oddly appropriate term “Levolution.”

EA and DICE says it’s a game changer. Quite frankly, I don’t see how else to describe Levolution. Sure it’s just a ficticious name given to how gameplay features are altered dynamically in-game. But those features do just that. Flood an entire city and then take some single outboard motorboats through the streets to pick off the opposition trying desperately to swim to shore. Fortify your position by closing gates and such to barricade openings. Car alarms can giveaway your position, metal detector signal your presence, traffic barricades can be activated similar to what’s been shown in Watch_Dogs and more. There’s one scene in the clip above… A player tosses a grenade into a train car where an enemy is hiding. The grenadier then closes the door to cut off the enemy’s escape and maximize the impact of the resulting explosion. Nasty stuff!

Here are a few more tidbits we pulled from Battlefield 4′s showing at this past weekend’s Gamescom gathering in Cologne Germany.

Modes and Maps

Battlefield for will launch with 10 multiplayer maps and 7 games modes. That’s 2 more modes than BF3 and 1 more map than the previous game. Most the mode are pretty self-explanatory. They include Conquest, Rush, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Squad Rush, Elimination and Obliteration.


Speaking of which, this mode is being touted as a super intense homage to Counter-Strike’s old-but-never-tired “Plant the Bomb” game mode. Each team is dropped in mid-sized maps. Each team has a trio of military stations. A single bomb spawns in a random but centralized location. The objective is to locate the bomb, arm it at one of the sensitive military stations and guard it until the station is blown to rubble. At that point another bomb is spawned and the two teams must rinse and repeat to be the first to take out the other team’s 3 military stations.

Commander Mode

CM makes an incredibly welcomed and long-overdue return. But don’t expect to access on every mode. Commander mode will be restricted to objective-based modes. These include Conquest, Obliteration and Rush.


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