One of the newest features EA DICE has included in the impending Battlefield 4 fps, is dynamic water physics. It allows the engine to simulate dynamic movement of water to form wakes, waves and other riparian terms, which begin with “W”. From the looks of things, no naval squirmish will be quite the same as your jetskis and boats are buffeted to and fro as hapless victims of “old man river”.

Keeping your crosshairs on the opposition just got exceedingly more difficult, while simultaneously packing in–what seems like–more white knuckle fun. A gun-nut trigger-finger little birdie also told me, you can now carry out your knife kills while swimming in the water.

That sounds just hilarious. Many times in BF3, I found myself in the water swimming next to an enemy. Yet you could do nothing until one of you reached dry land and was able to pull out your weapon. Knifing in the water will nip that handicap in the bud quite nicely.

Battlefield 3 is set to launch this October 2013 for PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and next gen consoles

Shawn Sanders

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