AT&T Next vs. Verizon Edge (comparison)

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ATT Next vs Verizon Edge
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8 Comments to AT&T Next vs. Verizon Edge (comparison)

  1. Verizon Edge now called Device payment plan does not charge you an activation fee as stated on this comparison

  2. so many things are wrong with this article. 1. You only pay the taxes the day you get the phone, no first installment. 2. It is in 20 payments but the entire coast is not divided into exactly 20 payments, so your cost is off. for example: Galaxy s4 is 589 or 26 a month on NEXT =520. (12×$26 next payment=312 or 199 + taxes + 36 upgrade fee= 252) so, $60 difference to upgrade after a year = worth it! Not to mention that if you want to upgrade early on a regular 2 year agreement you pay a 250 early upgrade fee. If you add that into the math it is a no brainer!!!! 312 vs 502

    • 312 vs 502? what about with 502 you can keep your phone and resell it for at least 400 so you win 210 with this way (502-400=102). another trap with edge/next is if you accidentally damaged a phone. BAM! no upgrade, you’re just paying off full price.

  3. bournedead

    Now that Verizon Edge has launched, we can confirm tablets are not eligible for the upgrade plan, as previously thought. From Verizon’s website:

    “All Verizon Wireless smartphones and basic phones are eligible for Verizon Edge. Other devices, such as tablets and mobile hotspots, aren’t eligible at this time.”

  4. I’ve had Verizon for many, many years and They only let me upgrade every 20 months. What is all this 6 month stuff?

    • gadgetreview

      Hey Brian,
      Take a closer look at the article for starters. But in short, many carriers are now letting consumers upgrade early, but it’s not as simple as just signing a new contract.

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