6 Massively Popular Devices Killed by Smartphones – Are Standalone Devices Doomed?

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2 Comments to 6 Massively Popular Devices Killed by Smartphones – Are Standalone Devices Doomed?

  1. Jeremy Coss

    Smartphones will not work where there is no signal rendering your GPS on your cell phone worthless. The zoom on the cameras are rather useless unless you are taking pictures of things that are close to you. I would have never gotten the pictures I got with my point and shoot camera at a concert last weekend with my smart phone. I don’t want my music interrupted by phone calls that I’d rather ignore. There is no way I’m getting rid of my stand alone devices.

  2. bicyclebill

    Of course, when someone rips off your iPhone all those pictures, all that music, all that data, all those voice memos go with it. So the need to back up some of this information become paramount. Hello computer hard drive; hello USB flash drive. Not to mention that you now no longer have that electronic “Swiss Army Knife”, so no GPS, no camera, no MP3 player, etc., and unless you happen to be eligible to get a discount upgrade you’re going to pay through the nose for a replacement.

    Or you could just use a camera for pictures, a GPS device for directions, or an iPod for your music in the first place. It’s all about the right tool for the right job.

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