Today marks the release day for the 25th Madden video game, Madden NFL 25. It’s available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 for $59.99 and will release at the same price for next gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, Savvy 360/PS3 shoppers should note that GameStop has two stacking coupon codes which marks the price down significantly. Use coupon code¬†TECHBAR10 and you’ll be able to get Madden NFL 25 for $49.99.

The $10 off coupon code has an unknown expiration date, but don’t expect it to last forever too (the previous coupon expired on September 3rd, so we updated to the latest one available online).

For those itching for a shot at Madden 25 but would rather just buy it for the Xbox One, both Amazon and GameStop have competing incentives for you to buy the Xbox 360 version NOW and “upgrade” later. Essentially they both require you to trade in your Xbox 360 game and then buy the Xbox ONE version for $9.99 more.

Here’s a comparison detail of these “trade-up” offers from GameStop and Amazon:

Amazon GameStop
To Qualify Purchase Madden NFL 25 anywhere Purchase Madden NFL 25 at GameStop & be a PowerUp Rewards member
Upgrade to Xbox One Version Use Amazon’s Trade-In service (ship for free) $50 ‘trade-credit coupon’ (arrives via email) at any U.S. GameStop location
What You Get $25 credit towards Madden 25 Xbox ONE &$25 trade-in credit ($50 total towards the Xbox One version) $50 off Madden 25 Xbox One standard version
Restrictions Redemption must occur by December 31, 2013. Redemption of the trade-in coupon must occur by December 31, 2013.


Update 9/6: According to EA, you can now also claim higher trade-in value at Best Buy for the 360 and PS3 version of Madden NFL 25 at $45. Those in Canada can receive a $60 credit at Future Shop for their copies.

After analyzing the trade in offers, and the deal above… it makes the most sense to buy an Xbox 360 copy from GameStop and get the $10 up front discount. Then, if you want to upgrade to Xbox ONE, you can do so at your convenience at Amazon. Unless you’re already a PowerUp Rewards member at GameStop, it makes more sense to use Amazon’s trade-in service since there are no restrictions as to where you bought Madden NFL 25 in the first place.

Or, you can just enjoy it on your 360 and not fork over more money for an Xbone version. But that’s just me. (Screenshots from Madden NFL 25 below).




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