It seems you can really build anything using LEGO bricks, just ask Christina Stephens who built herself a prosthetic leg using only LEGOs. After her foot was amputated last year after it was crushed under a car she was rebuilding, Stephens took it upon herself to create a prosthesis from old LEGO bricks that she had in her basement. But she didn’t build it blindly and knew exactly what she was doing since she’s an occupational therapist and researcher. She said she got the idea for the creative build after a co-worker jokingly brought up the idea to her and graciously accepted the challenge to build the LEGO prosthetic.

In her video, Stephens shared how she created the prosthetic over the course of two days and fit it on her leg in about two hours. Although she says the leg is comfortable, it’s not really practical since it’s range of motion is limited she says, also mentioning that the ankle and foot tend to pop off every now and then. She can currently only walk for short distances on it before growing tired.

Woman Builds Herself A Prosthetic Leg From LEGOs

Kristie Bertucci

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