Vis Vires

FACTOR Bikes has created what they call the “world’s most technologically advanced road bike” with their Vis Vires. The visionary firm has already revolutionized the aerospace industry, Formula 1 racing and some of the most advanced supercars in the world, and now wants to transform today’s road bike using the latest technology for serious cyclists wanting speed, data and detailed performance feedback. Using ANT+ ultra-low power wireless technology, the FACTOR team designed the Vis Vires from day one to capture data accurately, efficiently and easily with a full system of ANT+ compatible electronics seamlessly built in to the bike frame.

The stem of the bike frame an integrated mount for either a Garmin Edge 510 (Ultegra Di2) or 810 (Dura-Ace Di2) bike computer allowing riders to view heart rate, speed, cadence and power data from the included ANT+ sensors. Riders can also mix-and-match sensors and displays from any other ANT+ devices that support the same profiles. Two models will be sold, Vis Vires Ultegra Di2 ($10,441 with Factor Power Cranks and $7,830 with Ultegra cranks) and the Vis Vires Dura-Ace Di2 ($13,051), with the Dura-Ace model  available in August 2013 and  the Ultegra model available come January 2014.

Both bikes use the same frame, with the Dura-Ace  weighing 15.2lbs and the Ultegra coming in at 16.3lbs. Both are feature a  full carbon clincher wheels, custom all internal cable routing and an ENVE Composites Compact handlebar.  FACTOR’s Vis Vires excels in terms of stiffness, aerodynamics, comfort and weight, specifically performing its best at high yaw angles.

Vis Vires Bike

Kristie Bertucci

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