Update: 2/11/2014 on sale again after five month! Click here to get Titanfall for $48 after using coupon 3MCRLE-CG7AF1-G7T08U

The E3 announced Titanfall releases in Q1 2014 not just for the next gen Xbox One and the older Xbox 360, but also on PC (yay). On June 28th Amazon first put the game up on their site for preorder, but this week Green Man Gaming (along with other retailers) added the Titanfall PC download for preorder to their catalog selection. Best of all, there is a  GMG coupon which knocks 20% off at checkout – making the  $59.99 list price of the game only $48.00 after coupon.

Just looking at the trailer it’s obvious gameplay looks like a mix between Call of Duty and Mechwarrior. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your genre preferences (but the hype is solid and critics are thus far raving about the IP).


On the negative side the Mech centered games seem to garner less and less enthusiasm with the latest 2013 release Hawken receiving a relatively average 73/100 metascore. Actually that’s above par since the last few mediocre Mech genre games scored worse like Armored Core V (68 metascore) and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (38 metascore).

However, given all the E3 showcasing it’s likely Titanfall will have some quality work put into it, giving it a chance to shine above the latest competition. With all the attention it might be safe to say Titanfall will either breath life back into this genre or, if it’s not successful, could be a death nail.

Being that this is an EA published title, Titanfall on PC will active on Origin and requires permanent internet connection to play (before you gripe about DRM, this is a multiplayer focused game after all).

Will you preorder based on the E3 trailer alone? Or will you sit back and wait? At the very least, you don’t have to play it on the Xbone.

Viet Do

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