TCL Reveals A 50-Inch 4K TV for $999, But You Still Shouldn’t Buy A 4K TV

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3 Comments to TCL Reveals A 50-Inch 4K TV for $999, But You Still Shouldn’t Buy A 4K TV

  1. Maurice Samuels

    I bought the Seiki 4k $965 and $400 video card not only cant a see a huge difference I can run 1080p at 120hz. 30Hz movies Look awsome! I LOVE IT! There seems to be abunch of bias(haters) opinions about low cost 4k TVs Seen the $6000 Sony 4K is its not that much better.

  2. If you can’t tell the difference between dvd and blu ray then you need to get your eyes checked. I can see the difference on my 32inch television let alone my 50inch. But I will agree that there is no streaming services yet for 4k but since I’m buying a PS4 and it streams 4k (which I can see the difference from 1080p when played side by side at bestbuy) and multiple media services will be expanding in the department, I will be getting one. This is just like when people made “Don’t buy a blu ray player” articles, some people like being prepared for the transitions and not playing catch up.. if their wallets will let them lol

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