Star Trek Skele-Treks Collection 1

Comic-Con San Diego attendees who are Star Trek fans, skeleton enthusiasts, or just into cool toys in general can get a first look at the Star Trek Skele-Treks universe coming this fall. The toys, from the National Entertainment Collections Association (NECA), were designed by Javi Molner of Maya Studio in cooperation with CBS. The first collection will be released in September and features Captain Kirk, Kor, and the Borg. Subsequent products will include Star Trek-themed apparel, accessories, plush toys, and more figures. We don’t know what the hand-painted figure collection will cost yet, but CBS should reveal pricing the next couple months.

NECA is an American company that manufactures toys licensed from films, video games, sports, music, and television brands. Other products include toys licensed from the Assassin’s Creed game franchise, and movies such as Kill Bill and Pirates of the Caribbean among others.




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