Razer BLADE Pro Vs. MacBook Pro Retina Display (comparison)

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Macbook Pro Retina vs Razer Blade Pro
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8 Comments to Razer BLADE Pro Vs. MacBook Pro Retina Display (comparison)

  1. What about the macbook mousepad vs razer blade pro touch pad, for me it is not he macbook pro the winner

  2. espeyswims

    lol wut? Macbook can play the same games with lower fps… “play the same games”. Well… if all games are on steam than yes, that is true.

  3. espeyswims

    One thing that you need to keep in mind as far as battery life is concerned with the rMBP (in my experience) is that when running in boot camp it takes a generous chunk out of the longevity, and most of the games I have are on Windows (so to ME that makes a difference). Also when saying that the rMBP can just run the games in a lower resolution, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the high pixel density (not to mention the rMBP tends to look like poop at anything other than native (to be expected) and half res is way too large for most games on a 15″ screen). And one could say “Just spend the extra and get the 2.7 ghz processor in the MBP” Ok, but that doesn’t solve any problems; in all macs the GPU is by FAR the bottleneck for gaming of any sort. If Apple would listen and make a model with like a GTX770m or so; there would simply be no competition in my book. (oh and they should add an actual discrete card to the iMac, none of this mobile poop!)

    Don’t get me wrong, the MBP is a great machine. But the machines spec’d out for this review are not evenly matched. The prices are a bit off as well, spec’d how I bought my Razer they are both pushing 3k (512 SSD and extended warranty). One last note, (some may view this as a negative but it helps) all of the ddr chips on Razer are soldered on the board, as well as the SSD. Razer also doesn’t have the burn in issues that some of the Retina displays have!

  4. TheQuestian

    It did seem a bit biased, in my opinion, but it doesn’t really bother me. What bothers me is the preconceived notion that Razer makes gaming laptops, and therefore only gamers need apply. People have continually said that the only reason they would buy a Razer is for gaming, and that they wouldn’t do so because they could buy a better gaming laptop, or a desktop for cheaper. But if you take gaming out of the equation, the Razer Blade Pro is still basically a MBP that runs Windows natively. And what’s bad about that? All of the reasons for buying are the same [aesthetics, power, content creation capability, style points, etc.] with the exception of users who require OSX. Obviously the Razer is not directed at them, but there is certainly a market.

    I wouldn’t game on the Razer [I would buy the smaller one, personally], because my desktop fills that purpose, but even so it’s an EXTREMELY powerful laptop built with aesthetics and portability in mind. I don’t see that as a bad thing. Sure, there are more powerful laptops, and there are slimmer laptops. But that could be said of the MBP as well. Why does no one say it? Seems like a double standard. I want to run Windows natively, and I want a powerful machine for productivity and content creation. I want a laptop that is not a brick and does not look like a three-inch-thick warship. Based on those criteria, I don’t think there’s another machine that can compete performance-wise. I do wish for a better panel, on paper, but I haven’t seen it in person, so the jury’s still out on that one.

  5. Wyatt Cooper

    Doesn’t really seem biased. I have used both computers, and agree with everything he said. The only reason I would buy the Razer would be to game, but then I would buy a desktop for much cheaper. The rMPB has better battery life, screen, is more customizable, and looks better. The Razer has slightly better performance, which shows especially for gaming. If I had to choose between these 2, I would choose the Mac.

  6. This review is inaccurate and ignorant to say the least. Pay ABSOLUTELY NO HEED TO THIS PERSON, HE HAS A BRAIN AS BIG AS AN OSTRICH’S.

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