Got plans to traverse some remote terrain by foot this summer?  Then Google wants you.   Well, they want your body, sweat and time. For free.

Google has done an amazing job “indexing” the world that surrounds us using their Street View camera system.  In fact, they recently expanded to retail stores and the oceans floors.  And now they’re looking to reach parts of the world that can only be accessed by foot.  So to address this, and to expand as fast as possible, they’re now crowdsourcing the project by offering everyday individuals with a penchant to hike, travel and explore to tote along the company’s 360-degree camera backpack.

If you represent an organization such as a tourism board, non-profit, government agency, university or research group that would like to take photos with the Trekker for future inclusion on Google Maps, please fill out this form. Tell us more about your proposed locations and upcoming trips, and we’ll get back to you if/when there’s an opportunity for us to partner with you on a Trekker collection. Thanks!

Google’s camera backpack made its debut when the company showed off images captured at the Grand Canyon.  It weighs 42lbs and straps to the individual’s back.  A 360-degree photo is captured every 2.5 seconds via 15 lenses and is controlled by way of an Android device.  It’s not clear how long backpack’s battery will last, but at 42-lbs it’s likely the hiker will wear out before the camera’s batteries do.

To apply just hit this link and fill out a short form.

Trekker Backpack

Christen Costa

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