Nokia Lumia 1020 is the First Affordable Camera that is a Smartphone, $300 This July

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Nokia Lumia 1020-2
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4 Comments to Nokia Lumia 1020 is the First Affordable Camera that is a Smartphone, $300 This July

  1. JohnJohnJ

    Author, just more megapixels do not make a camera better. This camera is being over marketed when it comes to its capabilities. And no, it won’t take stunning photos. You need a good camera for that. Point and shoot camera and phones are not good cameras. To get a good camera you need to start with entry-level DSLRs.

    • gadgetreview

      Hey JohnJohnJ,
      Correct, more pixels doesn’t equal a better photo. However, in a smartphone it is a remarkable feat, and one that costs just $300. Moreover, Nokia’s PureView tech does tech the best pic of a camera phone on the market today and can serve, from what I’ve seen, as a replacement to a normal point and shoot. But that isn’t to say it could replace a APS-C or micro 4/3rds camera. However, many of those are overhyped in terms of image quality. I’ve got a Nexus 4, and the photos (note I didn’t just say the camera) are junk by comparison to the iPhone 5 and other handsets.

      • Mohammed Amine Asri

        Wait a second, i believe that there will be an issue that no body can deny a High-Resolution image equal to 41 MP can weigh more than 20 MB’s at least which is more heavy than a song, so basically the phone HDD will be filled quickly only by pictures which does not satisfy your needs as a Smartphone, it’s true that this technology is outstanding and i do really respect Nokia Engineers for deliveing such a quality of smartphone but nothing can be perfect after all we are just humans don’t you agree ??

        • gadgetreview

          Agree, and that’s why I pointed out that the phone’s storage doesn’t appear to be expandable by MicroSD. However, included are 7GB of free cloud storage, which isn’t much. And to answer your question, it would appear (on Nokia’s website) that each high rez image is 10MB in size. But point taken nonetheless.

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