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Do you care about photography?  Then you’ll want to take a very serious and concerted look at Nokia’s newest phone, the Lumia 1020.  But first and foremost you should know that it’s a Windows phone, so you’ll need to be able to tolerate an eco system that is seriously flawed when it comes to mainstream apps.  But things are getting better for Windows users, and the Lumia 1020 is a solid indicator of that.

At the center of this device is a 41-megapixel sensor that boasts ZEISS optics with six physical lenses, plus optical image stabilization.  Needless to say, this should result in stunningly brilliant images, even in low light situations, especially when paired with its Xenon flash.

Now, if you’re nuts about sharing your images online, the Lumia 1020 does something smart: it instantly captures two images – one image at 38-megapixels and one at 5-megapixels.  This means you won’t have to wait a half hour uploading a giant image or get rejected when you try to upload an image that is 10mb in size.  And in case you missed it, this phone sports an optical (not digital) image stabilization system, which means even when you’re cracked out on 10 cans of Redbull and just ran a marathon you’ll still be able to snap a smooth, clear, and crisp picture of your excessive celebrating.


Click on the image to see the full rez (10mb) version (redirect to Nokia’s site)

Nokia also hasn’t skimped on video, or at least so they say.  What I found particularly interesting is that they’re saying the stereo mic is fit for concerts as the Lumia 1020′s mic handles sound pressure levels six times louder than conventional smartphone microphones.

Under the hood is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor, the same chip found in the Nexus 4.  And while it’s not the latest generation, it shouldn’t prove an issue.  There is also a 1.2mp front facing camera, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (sorry, no expansion, or at least it’s not mentioned), and a 4.5″ AMOLED 1280×768 Gorilla Glass covered screen with Nokia’s super sensitive touch tech.

In addition to the Lumia 1020, Nokia announced the availability of Vine, Path, Flipboard, and a Hipstamatic app called Oggl Pro that is said to offer “the most advanced smartphone camera controls for their creative community.”  Nokia is also dishing a Camera Grip with some sort of tripod mount.  That will be out this month for $79.

And speaking of which, the Lumia 1020 will be an AT&T launch exclusive on July 26th for $299.99 contract.

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