Nike’s new Free Hyperfeel was designed to function as an extension of your foot so that it moves with natural motion principals that will boost the body’s natural ability. Inspired by their “Nature Amplified” design motto, the Free Hyperfeel is created to move with the foot as if they were one. Thanks to various research insights, Nike was provided the precise placement of cushioning and outsole traction for a low-profile sneaker that can provide padding and protection only where it’s needed.


Its drop-in Lunarlon insole features flex grooves and allows the foot to have direct contact with the shoe’s Lunarlon cushioning, while the ultra-thin waffle outsole allows the foot to get as close to the ground as possible. The Lunarlon form replicates cushioned pads under the foot, allowing the shoe to mimic the intricate workings of one’s foot to provide better performance and comfort, while the outsole protects the foot as if it were hardened skin on the sole. Inspired by ligaments are its Flywire flexes that allow it to move like a real foot. Runners will feel as if they aren’t wearing any shoe, allowing them a more natural run. Nike will release its Free Hyperfeel beginning September 5, which will retail for $175.

Nike Free Hyperfeel

Kristie Bertucci

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