House of Marley Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Bag of Riddim Bluetooth-001
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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

10 Comments to House of Marley Bag of Riddim Bluetooth Speaker Review

  1. hey having problem with my bag of riddim. it won’t play music via bluetooth. need ur help..

    • As far as the buttons not being sensitive, “tapping” isn’t going to work. The button must be touched and held until the power light comes on. This is to prevent accidentally turning the unit on my brushing the power button. I can picture you tapping away lol.

  2. Your photo suggests ‘fun young guy!’ while your review suggests ‘grumpy old curmudgeon’. Quite the contrast. Yours is an oddly ‘negative yet positive review’ of the Bag of Riddim which tells us very little – except that you’re a writer who has no problem beginning a sentence with the embarrassingly clunky ‘skepticism was abound’. **

    As a designer and audiophile, I find this rethink of the classic boombox to be nothing short of stunning. The design shows a sense of style AND humour and gives a nod to the past while still managing to be very ‘now’. One of the most newsworthy features – which continues to be ignored by non-audiophile reviewers – is its incredibly practical and logical ‘speakers up’ format for outdoor use. This makes the unit truly omnidirectional and ensures the controls are accessible from any approach – a real problem with all other boomboxes. This feature alone is worthy of five stars.

    Audio-wise it’s a star as well. I spent an entire afternoon – with three selected test-tracks – comparing the Bag of Riddim (the dock version) to a dozen or so of its competitors and it managed to outperform units at more than twice the price – even non-portable units from very reputable audio brands.

    Yes, the buttons ARE difficult – until you realise that applying pressure won’t do squat. Just leave you finger there for slightly longer than you think you ought (and lightly) and they work just fine. You’ll soon adjust – just as you did when you went from slip-ons to ‘big boy shoes’.

    Finally, how does the use of birch “…defeat the intended eco effects of the recycled material…”? Environmentally responsible doesn’t mean 100% recycled. It means using and sourcing materials wisely – so the birch you whined about isn’t an issue, it’s a benefit – an FSC Certified benefit. As for the ‘cheap’ plastic housing, it’s actually very high quality (again well sourced) plastic which has surprisingly good acoustic resilience. As for the lack of a rechargeable battery, that’s a no-brainer. Or should be. Using your own rechargeable D-cells is FAR more environmentally responsible than using a purpose-built, plug-in, rechargeable battery pack. But the House of Marley – being nicer folk than I – still decided to sell one of these as an extra for the dumb-dumbs out there.

    I’ve made (yes made) several people go out and buy one of these (or its super-elegant indoor brother) and they all love them with an almost Apple-like zealotry.
    For $280AUD (about $265USD) this is by far, the best value audio device (on a price to quality sound ratio) I’ve come across in a long time. Dr Dre and Monster only wish they could do things so well for so little.

    Yours, matt

    ** ‘Scepticism abounded’ or ‘I was abound with scepticism’ would work better for you. I’m not even going to comment on how dim-witted sceptic with a ‘k’ looks. Oh hang on, I just did. ;-)

    • I agree about your review of the reviewer. The negativity was out the gate. I got a better understanding about the speaker from a review on iLounge and also a couple of reviews on YouTube. I’ve compared this “boom box” to the Beats Boom Box as much as possible and it seems like a STEAL and 100% better in sound! Just ordered one for a Christmas gift and hope your review and everyone else’s lives up to all the great comments!

  3. Svend Ole Nielsen

    Well – one could also argue that the buttons are not so responsive to avoid accidental powering off, switching to aux from bluetooth and vice versa. I have the product and your review is spot on. Just keep in mind that the buttons needs to be held down a bit longer than you’d expect.

  4. SpokenWar

    I have left a review at the “House of Riddim.” Of course, since it wasn’t ‘peace and love,” they never printed it. This product does not work. The touch on/off and the volume high/low does not work (it has a horrible time in the sunlight). I called the “tech support,” and the woman I talked to did not have a clue. She was without a doubt the worst tech support person I ever talked to.

    I sent this back.

    First of all,

    • gadgetreview

      Hey there,
      agreed about the touch buttons, very frustrating, but never to the point where they just didn’t work. I”ll take another look and perhaps amend my review based on your feedback. Thanks for commenting.

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