Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft Xbox 2

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment President Don Mattrick is leaving as reported at All Things Digital, but his new gig remains unknown. He’s been with that department since 2010 (but he’s been with Microsoft since 2007), with that department heading up Xbox gaming properties and Microsoft’s peripheral gaming initiatives. Mattrick is actually best known for introducing the Xbox One that he Microsoft announced this past May, in addition to the next-generation Kinect sensor and the new version of the console. Consumers weren’t happy with Mattrick recently since he provided a very dismissive answer regarding the Xbox One’s always online policy, as well as its high $499 price tag.

It’s reported that Mattrick might be headed over to well known social gaming company Zynga, but they declined to comment on if that rumor was true or not, still making it unclear where he’s going to work next. No word yet on who will take his job if he’s for sure leaving Microsoft. But besides currently being a key player in the gaming industry, he also has close ties to some of Hollywood’s biggest names via connection with talent like Steven Spielberg. Electronic Arts also had their eye on Mattrick since they’re looking for a new CEO.

Kristie Bertucci

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