$24 - Civ V: Brave New World expansion with coupon code GFDOCT20 (Steam key)
Update: This is currently the cheapest price on BNW available

Civilization 5′s latest expansion pack, Brave New World just landed a solid 20% discount through the digital retailer GameFly. Fans of Civ 5 that has been holding out on buying all the expansion pack will be happy to know that Brave New World includes all the improved UI and gameplay mechanics found in Gods and Kings – so if you don’t care for the scenario, just grab Brave New World and save yourself some money.

The expansion has thus far garner a solid 84/100 Metascore plus overall user score of 8.3 out of 10. Not too shabby for expanding upon a game that’s coming up 3 years old.

If you’re not a fan of the series, or have never tried turn-based strategy game before – you can get Civilization V: Gold edition for $12.49 during Steam’s Summer Sale (expires in about 48 hours as of time of writing). The regular base game is at $7.49, but we recommend Gold edition considering it’ll include all the aforementioned UI/gameplay updates.

Editor’s note: Brave New World was accidentally placed in Steam’s flash sale for 8 hours at the price of $20 (if you pre-order Brave New World on Steam, you’ve probably gotten Civ 4 as a free gift item due to the mistake). Thoes that missed out on the discount can nab the game for $21 with the coupon above.


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