If you haven’t heard by now, you’re totally missing out on new teaser content from the upcoming  Grand Theft Auto V that drops September 17. Rockstar Games has released some new shots from the long-awaited and highly anticipated game titled “The Fast Life.” the pictures portray the game’s lead characters Michael, Trevor and Franklin in various tricked-out rides as they cause trouble on the streets of Los Santos, the new city that the game’s based in. Rockstar also announced that “Grand Theft Auto Online” will be revealed this August.

The game follows the stories of three characters: Michael, a career criminal turned wealthy suburban dad; Franklin, the gangbanger looking to leave the life behind by taking a repo job; and Trevor, a drug dealing violent lunatic.Expect lots of new features in the game like being able to customize characters with clothing (or lack of it) bought from the game’s stores. Rides can be customized, too. Players will also be able to explore the sea as well as land, while nightlife remains a huge aspect of the game as seen in previous editions.









Grand Theft Auto V Screens

Grand Theft Auto V Screens


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