GamePop Mini

Following in Netflix’s subscription-based movie/TV on demand business model, BlueStacks’s GamePop Mini Android Console hopes to entice gamers with their mini console (about the size of a pack of bubble gum) for free if they commit to their one-year subscription to its online gaming service that’s also called GamePop. According to the company’s CEO Rosen Sharma, they are working “really hard to build a ‘Netflix’ for games.” They’re looking to get more subscribers by offering the console for free. The package deal is available for pre-order starting today.

But its Mini console is actually BlueStacks’ second one, with the company already having a larger one that was announced back in May. John Gargiulo, the company’s spokesman, joked that the larger one is “about the size of Vin Diesel’s fist.” While no specs have been released at the moment, the company did mention that despite the two size differences of the consoles, that both would still offer the same gaming experience and use the same gaming controllers. But the larger console will have more ports than the Mini version, with both running iOS and Android games. Right now the mini is free with a 1-year subscription to their gaming services and the larger one s said to be sold for $129.

Kristie Bertucci

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