Ho ho! What’s this..? A comparison of the next gen consoles’ visual prowess is up. The undaunted at Digital Foundry and Eurogamer have crafted a couple computing systems that, to the best of their ability, include components that best mimic the performance potential purported be on offer from the inbound Sony Playstation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One. Of course not having either system on-hand, they can’t get the exact same performance, but the boys and girls feel confident they have come close.

The way Sony Playstation 4 is laid out, leaves it–on paper that is–with 50% more horsepower than the Xbox One. But the test results put forth by Eurogamer and Digital Foundry paint an interesting picture. It seems despite that hike in performance, the yield is only a 25% bump in frame rates on average. There is some variation in there. However the systems are very much on par with each other–at least is this mock comparison. In fact their near-Xbox One system was nearly identical when running things at 1080p.

You’ll want to check this out in detail, for yourself. For instance, Tomb Raider offered the widest difference at 33%. The mock Xbone did 39.5fps and the near-PS4 hit 50.3. The lowest differential came from resource-demanding Metro Last Light which did 25.5fps on Xbone and 30.0fps on the recreated PS4 simulated system. There’s a lot more there–10 games in all were tested so go check that.

So even though the PS4 has better tech within, it doesn’t equate 50% increase in performance across the board. However, what these guys have done have shown, is the PS4 is the more powerful performer no matter what the margin. So deciding on which just got a lot tougher.

Shawn Sanders

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