Apple has recently acquired the Toronto-based Locationary, which is a crowdsourced location data company. Just last year, its CEO Grant Ritchie wrote an article for TechCrunch about Apple’s challenges as it builds its new mapping service and now Locationary will be helping Apple overcome those said challenges. The acquisition is said to include Locationary’s technology and team with the price of it all still not available as said in a statement that they release whenever they acquire any smaller companies.

Last year’s troubled launch of their mapping software didn’t go too well with consumers and CEO Tim Cook had to offer an apology, so Locationary will help them beef up and improve the mapping service. Last December, Cook noted that Apple is “putting all of [their] energy into making it right.” Since Locationary is like a Wikipedia for local business listings since it uses crowdsourcing and a federated data exchange platform called Saturn to collect such data, Apple hopes to solve one of its location’s biggest problems, out-of-date info. Locationary makes sure that business listing data is both positionally accurate and temporally accurate, too, with that sort of info very helpful to improving Apple Maps and making consumers happy campers.

Kristie Bertucci

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