The Amazing Spider-Man 2 debuted Electro, its new villain, at Comic-Con this weekend. Yes, that’s Jamie Foxx. Yes, he has electrical powers. We suppose a brief explanation is in order….

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Electro is, as you may have guessed, a Spider-Man supervillain with the power to control electricity, whose real name is Max Dillon. In the movie, Max is actually something of a loser. People bump into him on the street, he can’t get any respect at his job, and the movie apparently opens with his mother forgetting his birthday.

Then, proving that it’s a really bad idea to have a birthday, in a movie, ever, he nearly gets run over by a Russian gangster who will play a more important role in future Spidey movies; they’re going to get through at least Spider-Man 4 this time around. Spidey saves his life and tries to bolster Max’s self-esteem a bit, but, in fairly short order, Max gets fried by an electrical panel and knocked into a vat of electric eels.

Yes, he works at OsCorp. Of course he does. And no, OsCorp has never heard of OSHA compliance. Anyway, you knock a guy with zero self-esteem into a vat of eels and he comes out basically a creature of pure electricity. And he’s really excited about it!

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Yeah, that, and the electricity running through his face, and the glowing accents on his chest… those are nothing to worry about. You should totally cover that up, OsCorp. Nobody will notice after the giant lizard virus your rogue scientist dumped on New York, honest. Maybe you should have a safety audit?

Joking aside, this movie looks pretty cool, and it’s great that they’re exploring Spidey’s villains beyond just recycling the Green Goblin again. Although Norman and Harry Osborne both play a role in this movie, so we suspect the Goblins won’t be in hiding for long.

Dan Seitz

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