waterproof htc one cases

It’s summer and that means numerous trips to the pool and beach! Now you can indulge in your favorite water sports without worrying about your HTC One smartphone thanks to these waterproof cases and pouches that will keep it safe and dry why you have fun in the sun and water!

7. Skque Waterproof Skin Case Pouch

Skque Waterproof Skin Case Bag Pouch

Protect your HTC One x with the Skque Waterproof Skin Case Pouch for only $17.87 that isn’t only waterproof, but also dust proof, sand proof and more, making it the perfect solution for underwater and outdoor activities.

6. Waterproof Case with Armband & Neckstrap for HTC One X

Waterproof Case with Armband & Neckstrap for HTC One X

This case makes the perfect campanion for use in beaches, swimming pools, snow or just about any wet atmosphere since it’s made  from high-quality resilient and flexible PU material (Polyurethane foam including foam rubber). The transparent front window allows for usage of phone including making phone calls while phone is sealed in case. Get one for only $14.99.

5. Dry Case

dry case

The Dry Case features a a vacuum seal that ensures your HTC One is protected from the water while giving your full control over the device. It also fits the HTC One S and One X. With the Dry Case, you can take your HTC One 100 feet underwater for up to an hour, make phone calls and listen to your tunes for $29.99

4. OverBoard Waterproof Pro Sport Am Pack

OverBoard Waterproof Pro Sport Arm Pack

The OverBoard Waterproof Pro Sport Am Pack straps to your arm and promises to protect your phone from water since it’s waterproof up to 19 feet and can even float to the surface if dropped in the water. You can also store your wallet in keys in it, making it great for lots of fun in the water for $30.32 at Amazon.

3. Aquapac Handheld

Aquapac Handheld

The Aquapac Handheld provides great water protection with less bulk. It can keep your smartphone protected at depths up to 15 feet and is also dust and sand proof. Get one for $24.95.

2. GreatShield MARINER Case Pouch

GreatShield MARINER WaterProof IP68 Certified Case Pouch

If you’re a hardcore surfer, snorkeler or swimmer, the GreatShield MARINER Case Pouch is what you need since it will keep your HTC One completely safe and dry in the water. It’s certified IP68 tested and designed to be safely submersible up to 9.8 feet for 1 hour for $17.99. It also works with many other models.

1. HTC One S Summer Bundle Package w/ DiCAPac Waterproof Case

HTC One S Summer Bundle Package

For only $34.99, this awesome HTC One S Summer Bundle Package comes with everything you need for a bit of fun in the sun (and the water)! You get a DiCAPac waterproof case that lets you keep your HTC One S safe near water, an anti-glare screen protector, which prevents sun’s rays from obstructing vision of your screen, a solar charger that can be plugged into your phone and left in the sun while you play, and a portable keychain stand.

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