Waterproof Your iPhone with The $20 NeverWet Spray You Can Buy at Home Depot (video)

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NeverWet Spray
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4 Comments to Waterproof Your iPhone with The $20 NeverWet Spray You Can Buy at Home Depot (video)

  1. It doesn’t matter if it “says” it’s not made for these items that’s just rustoleum covering their asses, the fact is it works great for phones and clothes and the inventor knows this, which is why he showed those features in HIS VIDEO (rustoleum didn’t approve due to possible liabilities) Basically, a paint company doesn’t want bad reviews because you broke your phone taking it apart to coat it.


    —->>>> Not intended to be applied to electronic devices or clothing <<<<—–

    So the ad is straight-up lying to you, since the main things they
    demonstrate interest in (clothing and electronics) are the two main
    things your NOT supposed to use this product on!!!

    But don't worry, it does make glass and plastic waterproof? AMAZING!!! Oh wait, aren't glass and plastic already waterproof???

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