Your camera’s flash has always been, at best, a stopgap solution to a tough problem. It’s important to get more light on the subject in low-light area, but a big flashing white strobe often overexposes the image. The Rainbow Flash Wizard is a device designed to fix that particular problem, by adjusting the color of your flash.

To understand what’s going on, we need to talk for a second about color temperature. Measured in Kelvin, all color temperature really is is a scale of reddish to bluish; you might notice, for example, that a photo taken in intense sunlight can seem blue if you have your camera on an indoor setting. That’s because the sun is over 5,000 K, and your camera was set for lights that were between 1500 and 2700 K. The problem with most camera flashes is that they’re configured to be as close to pure white as possible, and… well… you’ve seen the results.

So essentially, the Rainbow Flash Wizard adjusts the color of your flash to better suit the lighting. Here’s an example they’ve posted on their Kickstarter page:


Needless to say this can be used to achieve other effects, as well; making your photos at night not hideous is really just one application. The setting is fairly simple; you choose the hue you want in the top, adjust the saturation on the bottom, and you’ve got an image.

It’s fairly impressive that Rainbow Light Lab has come up with something that’s more than just a neat little gadget you’ll use once, but something every photographer actually needs. They’ve even built a bed of LEDs that can be used with it if you just run around with a dinky point and shoot. So, if you want to start shooting photos that suck a little less, head over to their Kickstarter: They want approximately $85, or £55.

| Via: Kickstarter

Dan Seitz

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