Last year, Sony’s SmartWatch wasn’t all it was cracked up to be so they decided to give it another try with its second version of the watch. The first version didn’t work out too well because of its let down software and high price even though it looked pretty good and better than most on the market. The SmartWatch 2 version has pretty much the same essence as the first, but the Android companion adds NFC for one-touch pairing to an Android-based smartphone, as well as a higher-resoultion display that provides better visibility in sunlight and a better interface. It also boasts an improved battery life an more pre-intalled and recommended apps.

The interface features a 220×176 pixel resolution and its size is bigger at 1.6 inches. It’s also ┬áIP57-rated for water resistance and charging the battery no longer requires you having to deal with the proprietary cable since it charges over a standard Micro USB. Its rubber wristband boasts from before is long gone for a higher-qualiy steel version, but the SmartWatch 2 sill has the OG aluminum construction on its body. All these new changes might make it more appealing to the masses and could make it much more successful, but there still isn’t a version that’s compatible with iOS devices, which might bum out some. If you’re digging the new features, pick one up come September.

Smartwatch 2


Sony Smartwatch

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