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In case my fellow yanks didn’t know, it’s Computex this week in Taiwan. This is the reason I continue to find myself violently “yoinked” from my slumber to report on something just too sumptuous to wait for me to–oh I don’t know–have a decent cup of coffee. Yesterday was Asus. Today Sony is the worm-munching early bird, announcing some tech well-worth the lost beauty sleep.

Today Sony intros the VAIO Pro in 11- and 13-inch variants, supposedly the “world’s lightest touch enabled Ultrabook” and a new generation VAIO Duo 3 slider style hybrid PC. Both will be running Windows 8. Each makes use of Sony long year in perfecting their TV tech. The display for both uses the company’s Triluminos display used in the Bravia line to produce 1080p HD resolution and boast unprecedented color range and depth. The displays are apparently intelligent and autonomous to a degree a la the Triluminos X-Reality super resolution picture engine. Sony state, “X-Reality for mobile analyzes each image by comparing each frame to its built in database and reducing visual noise, replacing corrupted pixels and correcting black levels to optimize quality, creating the sharpest videos, regardless of the content source.”

The VAIO Duo 13

Sony Computex 2013

This is another Transformer style PC that works both as a traditional laptop and quickly morphs into a fully functional touchscreen slab that all kiddies are using. Plus it only weighs 2.93lbs. I’ve met many burritos that wished they were so dainty. This hybrid is brandishing a new slider design for easier transitions between its split personalities. The Duo 13 also enjoys a 8mp rear-facing camera with Exmor RS for PC image sensor. The unique sensor also acts as a scanner. So you can scan documents by merely taking a picture of them.

For precision Sony has included a digitizer stylus in with the VAIO Duo 13 for more accurate and natural handwriting. The PC wakes once you take hold of the stylus. It works for writing and digital editing like photo re-touching and the like.

VAIO Pro 11/13

Sony Computex 2013 Vaio pro duo_6This one is even lighter at 1.92lb for the 11-inch and 2.34 for the 13-inch. The looks and construction are drool-worthy. It’s made from carbon fiber with only a hint of a bezel to maximize the viewing experience. Sony is using an aluminum palm rest design and full-pitch keyboard. Each Pro is packing a high speed solid state drive storage solution, optional extended sheet battery for expanding the batt-life to 13-14hrs.
Both Pro and Duo 13 are equipped with a host of premium feautres included NFC support, Rapid Wake, USB charging even when the devices are powered down, backlit keyboards, solid state drive options and more. The AC adapter even houses a USB charging port.

Pricing and Availability
The VAIO Pro 11/13 models are available beginning June 9th in Carbon Black and Carbon Silver for about $1149 and $1249. The VAIO Duo 13 model is available beginning June 9th in Carbon Black and Carbon White for about $1399. Both lines are available at Sony retail stores and other authorized dealers nationwide. For images and information, please visit

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