I will, without a shred of doubt, head to a movie theaters on August 9th to watch “Elysium“.  It’s the second major from director Neill Blomkamp, who also helmed “District 9″, a film that was rooted in both social commentary and sci-fi awesomeness. Today, a new trailer for the movie debuted, providing a bit more detail about the sci-fi action flick.

Set in 2154, Matt Damon, who plays protagonist Max de Costa, is a badass hero type that is trying to do “the right thing” when a work place accident leaves him terminally ill.  Fortunately for us (not him), the Earth he lives on, which is overpopulated and desimated from presumably war and abuse, lacks the technology to heal him.  As a result he must travel to Elysium, where the cure exists.  And that cure, well it’s a bit of metaphor.  On Elysium the rich, entitled, and oppressive live.  There Matt Damon’s character will discover that he must not only save himself, but the people that are just like him and free them of the tyranny headed by Jodi Foster.  In short order, Elysium offers up a comparable social commentary that District 9 adopted.

Christen Costa

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