Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. iPhone 5 (comparison)

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Samsung S4 vs iPhone 5
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6 Comments to Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. iPhone 5 (comparison)

  1. My wife owns the iPhone 5, and I went from the iPhone 4S to the Galaxy S4. I highly recommend the Galaxy. Apple, although popular, has to seriously step up their game to compete with the Galaxy. I feel like I purchased what the iPhone hopes to be about 2 years from now, along with the fact that it is easily upgradable, which Apple will likely avoid.

  2. Tom Flores

    I have both phones. The GS4 wins hands down. Apple is lacking in some many areas. Less bang for the buck.

    • Adonis Price

      I have a question… you do understand that when comparing two items, you have to chose which one is superior right? How is picking which phone is better… biased? But you’re right, comparing the GS4 to the iPhone will create bias in anyone against the inferiority of apple in no time. Save for brand loyalists and those who just want a simple phone.

  3. After such a long read, still wondering as to who the real winner is? Well the best way possible is to ask those who have used it. In fact to put both the phones on a poll and ask their supporters to vote and decide the real winner. In fact a new website I came across did exactly the same. Check out and find out who the real winner is and why?
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