Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

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Samsung Galaxy S4_3
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3 Comments to Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

  1. James Salvatore

    Which one though Shawn.. the HTC or the Galaxy? I’ve seen plenty people with the Galaxy but never seen anybody with an HTC. That alone would make me grab one, but would that be the best decision?

    • Shawn Sanders

      I prefer the One. This piece is for the GS4 so i didn’t want to upstage it with too much One-love. But everyone wants to know which is better. Truth? They are equally great but really for different crowds. The One is bit faster, a lot sexier and has more useful new and really exciting features. The GS4 plays it safe with “business as usual” feature set and few “neat” new ones for good measure. That’s not bad. Business as usual still results in a stellar phone. But for me and what I do with mobile device… The HTC One is my preferred choice.

      • James Salvatore

        Thanks Shawn – yeah you’ve confirmed my feelings on the matter. Especially the “a lot sexier”. If I’m going to shell out serious money outright I don’t really don’t want a plastic shell.

        In terms of the feature sets you mention, there really won’t be a huge divide between them – they exist in the same market after all. Right… off downtown tomorrow then! :)

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