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Here’s something cool for the outdoors-y SUV owner who still has a few extra feet of used space in their favorite gas guzzler. It’s the QUQUQ Campingbox: Car Camper conversion kit. With it you can convert any ordinary van or SUV into a feature-packed camper-ready kitchen, replete with storage compartments and sleep gear.

QUQUQ calls this intelligent product “the mini-motor home out of the box”. You all the essentials for a kitchen, sleeping quarters and storage, all in a single portable box. The bed piece includes a 10cm thick foam mattress. It folds up and is easily manageable with included handle. The kitchen is outfitted with dual-burner stove, 20 liter fresh, sink, surface area to work and storage.

QUQUQ has toiled to make sure the Campingbox is super sturdy and resilient but also suprisingly lightweight. This is brought about from the materials used. Plywood, aluminum and stainless steel make up the building materials. The company also boast of easy transition when moving the Camingbox between vehicles.




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