Nokia 808 PurevView

The end must come to all and it seems that Nokia’s Symbian smartphone platform will no longer be around, as reported by The Financial Times this past Wednesday. According to their report, Nokia has built and shipped out their last batch of Symbian smartphones ever. What was once the most popular smartphone will now fade away and be a distant memory alongside other old operating systems and long gone technology.

According to a Nokia spokesperson, it took about 22 months to get the Symbian phone out to the public, while it only took less than a year with a Windows phone. Nokia can spend less time trying to build the Windows Phone and can spend more time on other elements of the cell phone that really matter like maps, music, apps and more.

The last Symbian that Nokia introduced was the Nokia 808 PurevView and actually acted as a bridge for new technology seen in their latest model, the Lumia 925. Nokia will continue to offer support for Symbian phones until 2016.

Kristie Bertucci

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