Nokia Lumia 928 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 (comparison)

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14 Comments to Nokia Lumia 928 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 (comparison)

  1. Samsung Lover Post.
    Are you insane ? I took two phones in a shop to compare the camera.
    Lumia photo has NOTHING to do with GS4. GS4 sucks at camera.
    C’mon buy a Lumia Galaxy-Lover

  2. Can’t believe my eyes. Samsung beats Nokia in the camera category! Have you seen any of the Nokia commercials or know what Nokia does?

  3. Windows OS is also stable and secured as compared to buggy Android. I have used Android and now using Lumia. To be true it’s far better than any Android.

  4. It’s Windows Phone, not Windows Mobile.

    Windows Mobile went down the drain somewhere in 2011.

  5. Nokia has the best phone hands down in my book. Nokia will be #1 soon. I
    also have a Galaxy and it is junk in comparison. My Lumia 920 has best
    camera with stabilization and low light superiority, best call quality (
    I have switched phones mid call because of the poor quality on the
    Galaxy) Nokia has best maps by far and this will be the killer app long
    term, will rival Google search. Nokia has best design and build quality.

    Nokia has the best research and this will in the end be the winner. All other phones either do or will pay royalties to Nokia.

  6. Allen Williams

    Please don’t call it Windows Mobile. That is an insult to Windows Phone. Windows Mobile was clunky and horrible (just like android) where as Windows Phone is smooth and lively.

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