Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch

We all live busy lives and sometimes your smartphone doesn’t fit into every aspect of it. But no one wants to unplug their interactive life, which is where the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch comes into play. The indiegogo campaign is said to be the first interactive smartwatch that lets you use your voice and gestures to control the various functions you love most on our smartphone. The hands-free device is great for times when you can’t carry your smartphone like when you’re at the gym, running, and more. You can wear the device on  your wrist, belt, bike or even on a lanyard around your neck. You can even go swimming with the waterproof smartwatch on!

As the only waterproof, interactive smartwatch to feature a microphone and speaker, the Kreyos Meteor is the first to allow you to control your smartphone and its functions using voice commands. Talking to it makes communication easy, but there is also motion control built into the operating system that uses a 3-axis gyroscope that you control using your hand. And if you don’t like a specific gesture, you can easily change it and customize it to your preferences. You can easily connect on-the-go with your iPhone, Android or Windows 8 phone via Bluetooth for instant synchronization with voice, email and text functions. And customizing your watch face is easy since it includes more than 20 digital and analog watch faces. Plus, this season, they are offering their watch bands and accessories in a series of hot colors for those who are style conscious. Get your very own Kreyos in black if you pledge $100 or more.

Kreyos Smartwatch

Kristie Bertucci

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