Microsoft’s Don Mattrick Tells Internet-Less Gamers To Stick With Last-Gen Consoles (video)

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Don Mattrick Xbox One
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7 Comments to Microsoft’s Don Mattrick Tells Internet-Less Gamers To Stick With Last-Gen Consoles (video)

  1. For gamers by gamers. Such a load of crap. No gamer in their right mind would think DRM is a good idea. Or internet always on. Dude needs to be sh*t canned from his job.

  2. Schmelvin

    Umm, if a civilized population loses electricity for a period of time, you’re not going to be able to use *any* console during the blackout, right?

    • gadgetreview

      Unless you have a generator. And there is no generator for Internet connectivity, though one could call in using a smartphone running a hotspot.

  3. Chris Courtois

    Don Mattrick is a corporatist moron. I honestly think he doesn’t even realize how much scum he has in his brain. Clown of the Earth. I’d like to think he’s pretending to be retarded on purpose, but face it with Microsoft’s “progress” lately it’s clear the company is full of morons, starting with Ballmer at the top… Buffoons will lead morons.

  4. Fortunately, we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity; it’s called the Playstation 4

    • Chris Courtois

      PS4 is the only next gen console that will be on the market anyways. The idiots developing X Box one must’ve had crap in their ears. They were told console, and they heard “Set top box”. Takes a lot of ear damage and dirt in the drums to mistake “console” for “set top box”. Likely the collective IQ at Ballmersoft also has to do with this misunderstanding.

      • Don Mattrick is ex-EA. That puts a lot of things into perspective. Xbox 360 was available from November 22, 2005 when things were good. Mattrick joined Microsoft in 2007 as a VP and by 2010 was the President of xbox operations and now in 2013 we have the xbone.

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