LiveMap Motorcycle Helmet

It’s pretty easy to get directions when you’re driving. You can drag along somebody to help you with the map, you can put a GPS on the dash which will only put you at mild risk of an accident, or you can have your smartphone tell you where to go. Motorcyclists either have to memorize directions, or pull over to check the map a lot. But if LiveMap comes to market, that might finally be a thing of the past.

Here’s a video, naturally, that explains things in a bit more detail:

LiveMap is essentially old technology applied to a new market. Fighter pilots have actually had systems similar to LiveMap for years; it’s just that they were generally very expensive, and classified, what with being military systems and all. The really tricky part is that these systems tend to use a photo projected in the display instead of an overlay on the actual visor; this…


…is still largely science fiction.

LiveMap seems to have licked those problems. While the helmet is slightly bigger than what some riders may be used to, that’s because it’s got a lot to cram in: Microphone for voice commands, earphone to hear directions, a light sensor to properly adjust the brightness of the display, and a gyroscope and digital compass to detect where your head is pointing to align the picture and help keep your directions on track.

As you might have guessed, cramming a GPS into a helmet, and having it meet the safety standards of various governments, isn’t cheap: Currently, the price is $1,500 on Indiegogo and it might be more expensive when it actually comes to market. But unless your name is Tony Stark, you probably need this, if for no other reason than you’re sick of pulling over to check the map.


| Via: Indiegogo

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