joseph bowen micro hatchet

Triple Aught Design’s Joseph Bowen Micro Hatchet TAD Edition Knife is unlike any other knife they’ve created! After all, not everyone has created a knife that can be hung around your neck like this one, providing users easy access for when they need it most. The hatchet knife is made via great engineering, fine craftsmanship and the use of an Inuit style blade, which took the designer more than 60 steps to produce. Joseph Bowen learned at a young age how important it is to have a good knife and has spent the the last few years perfecting his knife making skills, learning the ins and outs from the legendary Mike Snody.

With its ulu blade, the Micro Hatchet can be used one-handed and because of its design centering, the force of impact into the center of its blade  and the overall blade shape, users can cut into harder objects, such as bone and the line. It also features one large center hole in it to reduce weight and allow for different grip positions, making it easier to use the knife in a variety of situations. The combo of CTS-HXP steel and chisel-ground ulu blade makes the small knife have an aggressive cutting capability, and even though it’s small, it has a comfortable three-finger grip as well as a reverse grip. Get your for $160.

Joseph Bowen Micro Hatchet TAD Edition Knife

Kristie Bertucci

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