Goji Smartlock

Suffice to say, there are no shortage of smart locks (aka smart deadbolts) now available, or at least soon to be.  Just last week I directed you to the August, which was effectively a more polished version of the Lockitron (update: Lockitron has a WiFi connection, August doesn’t).  And now you can pile the Goji Smart Lock at the top of the list.

But that isn’t to say the Goji Smart Lock is simply a slight variation on the aformentioned smart locks.  Instead of simply replacing the existing lock with a motorized one with Bluetooth connectivity, the Goji includes an easy to read display that provides information about the lock at a glance.  And much like the Lockitron and August, you can unlock the Goji using the company’s smartphone app, which will work with the press of a button (via WiFi) or based on proximity if Bluetooth (presumably) is enabled.

Contrary to what might be popular belief, the display actually sits on the outside of the door.  And while that may seem like a bad idea for the fear of damage from assailants and water (they haven’t said if it’s weather resistant but I’d assume so), this not only allows you to check the locks status (locked or not), view an uplifting welcome message, but also capture an image of who is accessing your door – a log is kept, which you can check at any time.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have a doorbell component , or a live video feed, though perhaps that will come in another iteration.

If need be, temporary “keys” can be sent via text or email with a limited access option based on time, or to just one use.  For those averse to carrying a smartphone, a key fob can be used, and if the batteries die, all you simply need to do is flip down the display and insert one of the two included physical keys.

It’s hard to say how difficult installation will be, but the company says it’s a DIY product.  However, if need be they can send a locksmith to your home and have it installed professionally, just expect to punch in the necessary WiFi info.

The Goji is an IndieGoGo project and has an expected ship date of December 2013.

Christen Costa

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