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At this year’s E3 we’re seeing a massive push toward more open-world gameplay. In fact, this little gem for Ubisoft looks quite impressive. It’s called The Division. I have to say I was not expecting Ubisoft, of all companies, to come so strong this year. We all expected to see more of the paranoia-inspired Watch_Dogs but this. This is something altogether different. IT’s an OOWRPG.

The game is set in the turbulent war-torn Tom Clancy mythos. The setting is NY, after a Black Friday event has turned the world into part Abrams-esque Revolution (TV) and part Bohemia Interactive DayZ. It looks like we have PVE and PVP meshed together in a world gone completely to shit. We also have what looks like drop-in/drop-out co-operative play.  Moreover, the game looks to be running on the same engine as Watch_Dogs. If true, that’s a smart choice, to be sure.

E3, the big annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon again. But this is definitely a more interesting show than we’ve seen in recent years. The big two – Sony and Microsoft are at the show with new toys. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 go official with pricing, more details on specs and gameplay trailers. Armed with a bevy of new games, they serve as parishioners on some digital missionary expedition. Yet instead of arguing over who’s god stays crunchier in milk, they vie for things like aesthetic emersion, gameplay mechanics and overall fun factor. There are a lot more games to see. So stay tuned while we continue to cover E3 2013.

E3 2013 The Division

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