This next one out of E3 is an Xbox One exclusive from Respawn Entertainment. After breaking from Activision the two heads of Infinity Ward (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) formed RE and jumped in bed with EA. This is the first gameplay reveal detailing just what’s been up with the former CoD creators.

The game is Titanfall and it’s looking very solid, which makes the Xbox One exclusivity a bitter pill to swallow for PC gamers and PS4 enthusiasts. We have wall running and jetpacks!! That’s two great tastes that I would taste great together. Toss in some mech-warfare and pretty graphics and you can color me “interested”–at least on the hope it comes to PC. While exclusivity is often code for “wait a few months”, it’s usually the non-exclusive console that will receive the game once the exclusivity has lifted. I sure hope things are different with this new generation of consoles, which are virtually x86 mini computers.

Shawn Sanders

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