Talk about a changing of the guard. As the heart of Infinity Ward has moved from Activision to form Respawn Entertainment under the Electronic Arts banner, we see the Halo original creator Bungie has left Microsoft to join Activision. This video shows their first game in a post Halo development world and it’s heading to Playstation 4. Have they learned some new tricks or is this new outing just a re-skinned Halo clone? Here have another look!

Let me tell you… From what I’ve seen, this new game dubbed, Destiny looks like something altogether different. It also looks no less epic in scale and depth of story than the Halo universe before it. There are tons of aliens creatures, cool weapons, and special abilities. With my feeble eye, I spy some hot new vehicles such as hover bikes and a number of different fighter style jets.

E3 2013 BF4 Destiny_4

E3 2013 BF4 Destiny

E3 2013 BF4 Destiny_2

E3 2013 BF4 Destiny_3

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