By this time, we’ve all seen the big Battlefield 4 reveal. If not then direct your optical sensors here. We’ll wait. All done? Good. The new Frontbite engine looks fantastic as does some of the single player gameplay we’ve seen. But like the CoD franchise, what the masses want to know, “Is multiplayer and good?” That we can’t answer. But we can show this bit of media EA DICE has unleashed on the unsuspecting E3 hoards. It’s full on multiplayer with some amazing new trimmings. The most standout of which is the return and highlight of Commander Mode, which can be played on PS4 or PC over a tablet computer.

Commander mode lets a single soldier take command of the battle in 3-key ways. You command the squad leaders and provide objectives, instructions and situational intel. You can also work to prevent the opposing team’s commander from gaining valuable information such the whereabouts of your squad leaders and their teams. Other cool features to watch for in the trailer are knife counters. Now it seems you are no longer prey to a knife kill, which was the case in past games once the knife animation began. In BF4 you can counter these attempts and claim your attackers dog tags making them wish they never brandished that pig sticker to begin with.

E3 2013 BF4 commander

Shawn Sanders

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