Did Microsoft Demand that Amazon Remove Their PS4 vs Xbox One Poll Because They’re Sore Losers?

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Amazon PS4 vs Xbox One
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20 Comments to Did Microsoft Demand that Amazon Remove Their PS4 vs Xbox One Poll Because They’re Sore Losers?

  1. Brian David K. Lake

    No they didn’t, it was clear to everyone even the PS4 voters that there had somehow been multiple users. Far more votes than actual unique voters registered. It was a skewed result as has been happening and does happen in most websites when you have fan-based polls.

      • Brian David K. Lake

        The preorder sales for amazon are 3-2 not 16-1, they are more reliable because they’re from the same source, but financially based. Skewing them would require far more effort.

        And if I’m the fanboy, why am I the one posting logically and you’re just the one saying “nope”?

  2. ROFLMFAO, Xbox sucks soo bad. People are trading in their 360 consoles and games at an alarming rate. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this in the news.

  3. William Perdomo

    PlayStation the best place to play that they key of why I’m a fanboy ..I haven’t seen any poll that ps4 has lost a versus .anyways the last of us for ps3 is amazing check it out



    That’s the number you need to give the mayor on Dark Cloud 2 to get him to come with you!!!!

    If I read into this enough ARE WE GETTING DARK CLOUD 3 YET?!?!?!!!

  5. saintfighteraqua

    They also started blocking and deleting pro Sony or anti MS posts on their blogs and even stopped comments on their Youtube videos about Xbox One. Looks like they want to silence the people.

  6. No wonder, me too. I was like where amazon PS4 vs XB1 polls, because love to read people’s comments on their posts. ahh M$FT is lo$er!

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