Amazon PS4 vs Xbox One

Last week I told you about an Amazon customer poll on their Facebook Video Game’s page that asked customers which system they planned on purchasing this holiday season. At the time of my posting – the poll had 7-days and 6 hours left until it was complete – Sony’s PS4 had out scored the Xbox One at a ratio of 17 to 1, netting more than 21,000 votes in their favor.

Well, it would seem that Microsoft was none to happy with Amazon – this is entirely conjecture mind you – and demanded that Amazon not only reduce the polling time by more than 50%, but has now pulled the questionnaire from their Facebook page all together.

The reduction in time first came to my attention as pointed out by one commenter on Gadget Review. And today I discovered that the URL to the Amazon poll, which is in my original post, no longer lands on that page and directs to the general Amazon Video Games page.  That said, scrolling down on the Facebook page’s timeline reveals the original post asking customers to vote, yet the URL there loops back to the original page.

So, suffice to say, Microsoft’s control (the Xbox One requires you “check in” periodically to keep gaming) also appears to extend to Facebook.

Update: here is the cached version from Google, though it looks like the versus data wasn’t captured.

Christen Costa

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