Decline of the Point and Shoot, Rise of the Smartphone Camera

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2 Comments to Decline of the Point and Shoot, Rise of the Smartphone Camera

  1. John Le Brocq

    If point and shoot’s really going retro, how about an app. that denies instant access to the photo. Instead, it uploads your ‘snaps’ to a cloud ‘processing’ service that only allows access after two weeks and, every now and then, sends you the wrong folder.

    Of course, it would also, randomly over expose, under expose and (using face recognition) crop the heads off..

    For some though, including me, there’ll always be something special about bringing a camera up to your eye rather than holding it at arm’s length. There’ll always be a thrill in finding a box of ageing photos you’d almost forgotten about… always be something special in the slow degradation of a print that evokes a different kind of memory than permanently pristine screenshots.

  2. Patrick Diplock

    The elements of the paradigm shift you so thoroughly describe has only lately come to my attention. Although I had noticed that smart phones seemed to be taking over the market and transforming into a kind of one-stop-shoppe phenomena, I did not fully understand why this was happening, nor the process that was bringing it about. Your article wonderfully details those reasons and goes further in detailing not just how this is happening but that it will continue to do so. Your last paragraph is of particular interest, as it suggests a symbiotic relationship of diverse technology: we may have a future camera market filled with retro-fit digital camera and smart phones capable of taking photographs of equal quality. Time will tell. In the meanwhile: smile!

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