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Everything has a cost.  Yet, we often disregard items that are small and have little value to us.  Case in point: the clips on bags of bread.  Someone’s gotta pay for them, and at the rate that bread is baked, you can bet your bottom dollar the bread maker is doing everything they can to reduce the associated, yet tiny cost.  And the same can probably be said for paper luggage tags often found at airport check in counters.  With billions (maybe slightly less) taking to the skies every year, luggage tag cost has to be astronomical for an airline.

Frank van der Post, British Airways’ managing director, brands and customer experience, said: “This is a fantastically simple, yet smart device that gives each customer the choice to have their own personalized electronic baggage tag that changes with the swipe of a smartphone – every time they fly. “As the saying goes, ‘good things come in small packages’, and this innovative device is no exception

So to reduce cost, British Airways will soon start testing a reusable bag tag.  But it’s just not any bag tag, it’s an e-ink bag tag.  When jet setters check-in they’ll be provided with the tag.  They then simply need to hold up their NFC enabled phone to the tag to transmit their information.   If completed correctly, the display will contain a bar code (and destination information) that can be read by current bar code reading machines.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a real time tracking feature for passengers, and it’s likely they’ll never roll one out since the cost isn’t justifiable.

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Source | Via: Gizmodo

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