braun cooltec shaver

Get rid of skin irritation every time you shave with Braun’s new °CoolTec Shaver, which is the world’s first shaver with active cooling technology that will provide a great shave with no irritation. The dry shaver has the power is great for men with sensitive skin since it features an integrated electro ceramic cooling element that automatically cools your skin while you shave. This results in minimal shaving irritation and works without any gels or lotions. You’ll get a close shave thanks to its adaptable 3-stage cutting system that uses two independently moving cutting elements that adapt to every facial contour.

The unique shaver also uses SensoBlade technology, which are specially designed shaving blades that target and capture hairs that are growing in different directions so that you always get the ultimate smooth shave. It’s waterproof to 5m and it’s safe to use while in the shower, providing maximum flexibility. There’s also a powerful long hair trimmer and the LED display shows you battery status, cleaning indication and a travel lock indicator. You’ll also be able to get 45 minutes of cordless shaving, while the rechargeable Li-Ion battery can recharge in one hour. Currently, there are several different models in the °CoolTec collection, including the °CoolTec CT5cc, °CoolTec CT4s, °CoolTec CT2cc and °CoolTec CT2s.

cooltec shaver

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